Who is MST?
MST is an electronic technology corporation offering the design and manufacture of the composite signal Hall Effect sensors. We supply the most advanced technology, and dedicate ourselves to the highest standard quality and the innovative solution for manufacturing in integrated circuit. We can support customer’s requirements on technology by possessing the most advanced and active team of design and manufacturing.

MST Goal
The name, MST, represents for rich experience and pragmatic spirit in the industry of semiconductor. It’s headquarter is set up in New Hampshire American, and has the manufacturing plants distributing in four areas in the world. Product distributors are located all over the world with the sale, design in and marketing offices. The products are distributed to all around the world through the powerful global distributing channels.

What makes MST different
MST has the leading technology in Hall Effective ICs. The success of the products is based on the extensive integration of the semiconductor knowledge and technology experience. It’s one of companies that owns the technology of high-temperature testing in this Hall Effective Sensor industry, and is the expert not only ASSP but ASIC. The designing, package, testing and FAE of the integrated circuit can meet the requirements of dear customers wherever in the America or overseas.

MST's Products and Solutions
MST finished product, Hall Effect Sensor, is based on the Hall Effect technology applying on non-contact on/off switch (without mechanical deterioration). In details, the Hall Effect Sensors can be applied to non-contact switches, position sensor, rotation sensor, linear transduction, and the current sensor of the integrated circuit.

Main products: MH181,MH182,MH183,MH184,MH185,MH248,MH249……

MST's Mission
MST spends its efforts on the field of portable electronic equipments, electric products and the industry market, Our Missions:

  • Offer value assessment to our clients
  • Provide the advanced technology products
  • Realize the increase and profit of customers.
  • Endless of innovation
  • Maintain a positive environment for our partners and customers
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