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Raychem Circuit Protection products are a part of your everyday life. From your cell phone battery to your car's steering wheel, we are helping to make your world safer and your electronics more reliable. All the electrical equipment around you can become dangerous through faults such as overcurrent, overvoltage or overheating. Raychem Circuit Protection products help to protect electrical equipment from these types of faults. To date, billions of Raychem Circuit Protection products have been used to help protect a wide range of electronic products in the computer, battery & portable electronics, consumer, automotive, industrial appliance & HVAC, and telecommunication markets. There are many agencies that require circuit protection in their products. Our products are certified under UL, TUV and other application specific and regional agencies.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be an indispensable supplier of innovative circuit protection solutions to customers world-wide. Our purpose is to design and manufacture circuit protection devices to help maximize the performance and reliability of your products. Raychem Circuit Protection is a global leader in PPTC resettable device technology.

History of Product Innovation

The Raychem Circuit Protection product history of innovation began in 1980 when the use of a polymeric positive temperature coefficient (PPTC) device as a variable resistor in circuit protection applications was first pioneered. For more information about how this innovative technology works download the Fundamentals of PolySwitch Technology(PDF).

Raychem Circuit Protection Product Introduction Timeline

PolySwitch division started as a venture group with three technologists 1981
SLIC (Subscriber Line Interface Card) product launched at AT&T – first PPTC product
SMD PolySwitch product launched at Apple – first surface-mount PPTC product 1988
Axial-leaded Ni metal hydride protector at Motorola – first axial-leaded PPTC product 1993
miniSMD™ launched – industry’s smallest PPTC circuit protection device 1994
SiBar™ Thyristor products for overvoltage protection launched 1997
Raychem acquired by Tyco Electronics
nanoSMD™ launched - industry’s smallest PPTC circuit protection device 2000
FT600 telecom fuses launched 2002
MOV (Metal Oxide Varistors) launched 2003
Slow blow and fast acting surface-mount fuses– highest current & smallest package
GDT (Gas Discharge Tubes) launched 2004
PESD (Electrostatic Discharge Protection) devices– industry’s smallest form factor 2005
Integrated protection solutions launched: PolyZen™ and 2Pro™ devices 2006

Our Products

We develop , manufacture, and market a complete line of PolySwitch™ resettable devices, Fast Acting fuses, Slow Blow fuses, Telecom fuses, SiBar™ thyristor surge protectors, GDT (Gas Discharge Tubes), ROV (Metal Oxide Varistors), ESD protection devices, 2Pro™ devices and PolyZen™ micro-assemblies.

Download Technology Overview (PDF)


The division partners with and services OEMs in industries including telecommunications and networking, multimedia/computer, battery and portable electronics, consumer, automotive, and industrial markets.

Our Facilities

We are recognized as a leader for operational excellence and customer service. A dedicated direct engineering sales force, worlwide manufacturing and design centers for Raychem Circuit Protection products and local engineering support help us to think, manage, and share globally, yet act locally to meet customer needs.

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